Who we are

We are an innovative team with years of proven record both in academia and practice who aim to disrupt the handmade carpet business through digital technologies in order to globally protect and promote Persian carpet, which struggles to keep the centuries-old industry alive.

In fact, disruption through digital innovation leads to the emergence of new generation of start-ups in many different fields which transform traditional value chains either by directly competing with incumbents or seeking to partner with or sell their services to incumbents.

We were thrilled by the success of these start-ups who reframe customer’s value and that is how the idea of Chamrosh Technology evolved to leverage digital innovations and transform handmade to smart carpet.

We are inspired to extract the most value from digital technologies by developing new theories, methods, and models in order to learn, practice, define and find our position in handmade carpet field as one of the most traditional business.

CHAMROSH is a bird in Persian mythology with the body of a dog and head and wings of a bird. It is said to live on the summit of Mount Alborz and is sent by an angel to snatch invaders and drop them from mountaintops in order to protect the Persian Land.

Chamrosh Technology transforms handmade carpet to smart carpet by leveraging the power of brand story through digital technologies including IoT, blockchain, and platform in order to win the minds and the hearts of handmade carpet fans who cherish the inherent value of this essential manifestation of Persian culture and art. We establish a platform to connect potential carpet buyers with the luxury carpet weavers through Information Technology and enable the buyers to verify the authenticity, determine the origin and cherish the digital story of a carpet via video and pictures from the time weaving starts.

Business Philosophy


    We forge the cutting edge technologies to co-create rhetoric of luxury handmade carpet in order to win the hearts and the minds of handmade carpet’s fans. 


    We inspire the luxury lifestyle through digital technology in order to be the global platform to cherish the legacy of Persian art and culture.

Art of weaving and background

For centuries, Persia has been famed as the major center of carpet weaving and established the standards of architecture design, miniature painting, and textile production. Carpet-weaving is undoubtedly one of the essential manifestations of Persian culture and art, and dates back to 500 B.C., during the Achaemenid according to evidence such as the 2500-year-old Pazyryk carpet. Though carpet production is now mechanized in many areas, the traditional handwoven carpet still has wide appeal throughout the world as a valuable masterpiece with a much higher price compared to machine made counterparts.
The price of a handmade carpet is also determined by a number of factors including its origin, size, design, age, purchase value, the materials as well as a brief history behind. Some traders document all these and issue a certificate of authenticity which can even be attested by international inspection companies. However, platform business, blockchain, and IoT can offer a game-changing solution and disrupt handmade carpet business by bringing transparency and trust to the supply chain, dealing with counterfeiting and increasing customer engagement. 

What We Do

The advent of Information Technology and its wide applications motivated us to come up with the idea of Smart Carpet which is equipped with RFID smart tagged connected to the internet. This innovate product can create lots of value for consumers both in terms of luxury lifestyle and also therapy and security applications. As for luxury lifestyle, a smart carpet can co-create value with potential customers in order to build trust and influence their attitude. Even the unmatched power of a brand story can be leveraged and authenticated by digital technologies and through active contribution of customers.

Smart Carpet offers at least six significant benefits. First, through smart tag which identifies the place of production, smart carpet determines genuine carpets weaved within Persian territory. This proves the origin and craftsmanship quality. Second, smart carpet creates an immutable and live digital identity with a mobile application to verify the authenticity. This deals with counterfeiting and fake items and gives peace of mind to the customers.  Third, smart carpet generates a platform to directly interact with consumers and make them part of weaving story. This wins the hearts and minds of handmade carpet’s fans in a new and innovative way and creates loyalty.

 Forth, smart carpet records and tracks the ownership and this makes the carpet transferable and updatable once the status changes.  Fifth, smart carpet reinforces scarcity and exclusivity by making the item unique and irreplaceable. Sixth the value of smart carpet increases as time passes because of its aesthetic, historical and sole significance.  


  • Internet of Things

    IoT enables the narrative of a carpet including the place and exact location of weaving, the name of weaver and designer together with video, audio, and pictures to be collected. The information will be then recorded in a digital ledger that is distributed, decentralized, verifiable and irreversible which ultimately create an interactive story for the potential customers.

  • Blockchain

    The blockchain globally stores and collaboratively writes a list of all transactions that have ever taken place within a carpet and keeps the whole digital story of a carpet in a decentralized system A digital certificate can verify the ownership and the status a smart carpet, once the owner decides to sell it and also check if the carpet was kept and maintained well.

  • Platform

    The Platfrom is at the core of smart carpet business model which connects all the stakeholders including weavers, dealers, and customers and allows them to co-create value together. The goal of the platform is to maximize the contribution of all stakeholders in order to scale up quantity and quality of interactions and minimize transaction costs and failure.


You can reach us through
info at chamrosh.com